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Factory1 – Kapsch TrafficCom Startup Accelerator 2017

7 program participants. 6 months of business development. 7 proof-of-concept projects. Equity-free accelerator participation.125 years of expertise Factory1 is a 6-month business development startup accelerator that supports entrepreneurs working on the next big ideas in the mobility sector. Throughout the program Kapsch offers exceptional entrepreneurs opportunities to build joint proof-of-concept projects as a foundation for long-term strategic relationships.

6 Fields of Innovation

& Autonomous Driving

  • Vehicle to vehicle and infrastructure communication
  • Safety and efficiency use cases

Big Data Analytics & Deep Learning

  • Mobility data analysis and utilization
  • Predictive analytics
  • Video analytics
  • Traffic simulation modelling

Smart Mobility

  • Mobility as a service
  • Intermodal mobility
  • Shared mobility
  • New modes of transportation

Security & Privacy

  • Increasing security use cases
  • Mobility surveillance
  • Enforcement
  • Data security & privacy


  • Sensing technologies
  • In-vehicle devices
  • Road-side systems
  • Smart mobility IoT

Payment & Transaction Processes

  • Business model innovation
  • Transaction processing
  • Blockchain

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9 - 12 May 2017
Acceleration Days
18 - 22 Jun 2017
Acceleration Days
24 - 27 Jul 2017
Acceleration Days
11 - 15 Sept 2017
International Demo Day in Montreal, Canada 29 - 2 Nov 2017

7 Startups

Meet the 7 outstanding startups which will be creating the future of mobility together with Kapsch TrafficCom and learn more about the joint proof-of-concept projects (PoCs) they are working on in the video below.

Factory1 Winner Ceremony 2017 Participants: Georg Kapsch, Management of Kapsch, Factory1 Official Participants 2017, Factory1 Team

Factory1 Winners 2017


Acyclica is the cloud layer for infrastructure, providing high resolution, real-time information about the way people move. Integration at the intersection level and sub-second latency enable infrastructure to vehicle (I2V) communication. Acyclica’s patented WiFi technology provides the high-resolution data needed by adaptive signal systems.

BroadBit Batteries

Battery performance and cost limit many applications from mobile devices and EVs to grid storage. BroadBit provides better performing, lower cost and more sustainable batteries to meet current and coming market needs. BroadBit's patented batteries are uniquely based on common, cheap and abundant NaCl (salt), enabling exceptionally high power and energy, low material and manufacturing costs and safe and stable performance.


Fileradar provides past, present, and future road traffic analytics as a service. Our modular products cover all segments of the traffic analytics processes and continuously grow with increased client demand to new data source types or products. Our core is a full-stack modular data platform (called Dante) which can assimilate any kind of traffic data source.


i4drive develops vision-based solutions that can be integrated into any vehicle and upgrades them with ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities. i4drive’s Multi-layered Autonomous Driving comprises image processing, artificial intelligence and sensor fusion (in-vehicle and external). The ability to integrate critical data from multiple sources makes i4drive very powerful and versatile.


Mobiag is bringing roaming to the mobility industry, allowing any user to access any car in the system through the app they use with their local provider. Roaming creates a global network of providers enhancing the sharing experience for the end-user, who can now access more vehicles in their home city, home country or when travelling abroad


A peer to peer payment infrastructure where identified (consumers, enterprises) and non identified (machines, cars, sockets, IoT devices) participants can make compliant transactions. Quasar includes a connector between the traditional banking accounts and wallets for IoT devices. Quasar works with a digital representation of Fiat money. Users are not exposed to volatility risks as they would be with cryptocurrencies like bitcoins or ethereum.


ViNotion offers products and services for crowd analysis and traffic analysis with intelligent video camera systems. The products are able to distinguish pedestrians, bicycles and different types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, busses, etc. using machine learning such as so-called deep learning techniques. The system detects, classifies and tracks these objects and determines their GPS position, speed, direction and behaviour.










About Kapsch TrafficCom

Kapsch TrafficCom is a provider of intelligent transportation systems in the fields of tolling, traffic management, smart urban mobility, traffic safety and security and connected vehicles. As a one-stop solutions provider, Kapsch TrafficCom offers end-to-end solutions covering the entire value creation chain of its customers, from components and design to the implementation and operation of systems. The mobility solutions supplied by Kapsch TrafficCom help make road traffic safer and more reliable, efficient, and comfortable in urban areas and on highways alike while helping to reduce pollution. As part of the Kapsch Group, an Austrian family-owned technology group founded in 1892, Kapsch TrafficCom is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and has subsidiaries as well as branches in 30 countries.

  • Annual revenue of EUR 649 million.
  • 4.800 employees worldwide.
  • EUR 85 million invested in R&D every year.
  • Projects in 44 countries on all continents.
  • Stock-listed since 2007.
  • Investments in 5 startups.

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